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Default Re: Buying a house with no Planning Permission or Building regs for extension

Hi Everyone. We're in a similar position.
We are buying a three storey mid terrace dated 1895 that has a basement.

Everything is ready for the exchange, but the basement (which has the only rear escape due to the house being built on a hill) was originally used for laundry/coal storage etc in Victorian times. It has long since been converted to living accomodation but no building regs approval has been granted. The current vendors have never had an issue structually and are struggling to understand why we are so serious about this when it was not pointed out to them when they bought 6 years ago. They have offered us indemnity the same as you all mentioned above but the advice we have been given is that as it would not cover us in events such as a fire etc, it may not be worth the paper its marked on. We have refused this offer and as such are waiting a reply.

We're now worried that we may have to pull out, or that they will pull out and try again with new sellers in the hope that it is not raised as an issue. Where do we stand with all of this? We do have concerns over the quality of the coversion with respect to knowing that the ventilation is inadequet, although the conversion was done a long time ago. Our concern is purely that if we did continue without buildings regs, and incurred any serious problems, we would not be able to carry out the remedial works that would be required by todays standards.
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