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Default Re: Buying a house with no Planning Permission or Building regs for extension

Indemnity insurance will cover you against the (by now remore) risk of enforcement action, either paying for the cost of remedial work or (at the insurer's option) compensating you for the reduction in the value of the property if the basement could not be used as a habitable room

It will not cover the cost of remedial work in the absence of enforcement action - nor if you precipitate enforcement action by (eg) contacting the council. If, therefore, you are not happy that the basement is suitable for your requirements, you should not proceeed unless the seller carries out remedial work at his expense

I agree hat it is likely that the seller would prefer to re-market the property in the hope that another buyer will not pick up on the point, but there is no point in you buying a property that does not suit you
This is based on my experience as a conveyancing solicitor in England, but I do not accept liability for information I give in this forum
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