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Default Re: Buying a house with no Planning Permission or Building regs for extension

Thanks for that, it certainly makes things a little clearer. The thing that confuses both us as purchasers and the vendors is that (we don't know how the rooms were used previously), the vendors have used two of the basement rooms as a study and a master bedroom, whilst keeping the other two rooms for storage.We believe they haven't had any issues until now. The rooms are wired, plumbed, heated, decorated, along with having the back door and a window, and a wc cloakroom, it's not a typical 'cellar'. It suits us perfectly as we inted to use this bank of rooms as a studio. We are still awaiting a reply from the vendors in response to our letter stating comments made by professional services ie surveyor and damp specialists, hopefully this will help them decide to apply for retrospective building regulations approval. Thanks again.
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