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Default Re: Philip Cottrell & Forensic Wealth Management


Interesting to see that you are taking legal action against Phil Cottrell, but have not paid a single penny against the £3680 County Court judgement that I have had against you since April 2010 for the same deal. As you know, this is for money that either you or your business partner Rob Holden pocketed, it did not go across to Spain. I'd be interested to know where that went, and the £3250 that at least two other investors handed to you, and if hearsay is correct, there were a lot more than two other investors.

I am not defending Phil, who also owes me money, but it strikes me as pot and kettle for you to be talking about sueing people when you refuse to pay judgements against you or to communicate with your creditors. Or are you intending to start paying us back?


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