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Default Re: Philip Cottrell & Forensic Wealth Management

We would like to bring attention to Mr Philip Cottrell based in marbella, Spain. In 2010 & 2011 Mr Philip Cottrell and David Miller his business partner have taken in excess of 300,000 operating various scams.
Ranger Rovers, they are offering UK registered Ranger Rovers at discounted prices the deal is well put together and sounds "too good to be true" Philip Cottrell and David Miller require deposits of 5,000 pounds for each car. We have found over 20 people who have paid them this and have never had a single car or registration document.
Cigarettes, Philip Cottrell and David Miller are also offering cigarettes at very low prices per packet if purchased in bulk, we have one group of clients who gave them 50,000 euros in return for a container load of cigarettes and yes you have guessed it they were never delivered. Another Philip Cottrell and David Miller scam.
Property, they have taken over 30,000 euros in reservations for costa del sol properties which yet again once paid the deal never happens, clients have paid 2,000 each for a property but are left high and dry.
Mr Philip Cottrell is based in marbella, he is posing as a fine art expert/ dealer please beware and if you have any more information please pass on.
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