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Default Re: Buying a house with no Planning Permission or Building regs for extension


I'm currently undergoing a problem with Building regs as well. It concerns a large 2-storey extension built around 1986. Planning permission was granted and building regulations applied for but no checks were actually carried out i.e. no certificate was ever issued. I've applied to get the certificate of regularisation but it is proving costly to meet all the criteria identified and looks like the sale may fall through.

My main concern is that I only found this out from speaking to friends also going through the house buying process. My solicitor received the HIP 3 months ago which, I now realise, showed that an extension had been built but that no building regs approvals were present.

Should the solicitor have informed me months ago that this was a serious issue ( i.e. is she liable for all the delays to my purchase, which now mean I will have to pay stamp duty in January) or is reading and understanding the local authority search section of the HIP entirely my own responsibility? She claims that it is not within her field of expertise to understand and interpret such things...which I find odd given that she is part of a big conveyancing solicitors' branch that also offers HIPs to house vendors!

Many thanks.

--Hannah x
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