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Exclamation Re: Buying a house with no Planning Permission or Building regs for extension

Hi it seems as if we're in the same boat as most of you guys - i.e. sloshing around in a lot of expensive sounding uncertainty!

We're close to exchange on a property that is now half commercial and half residential. The residential half was created from commercial in 1991 and we have copies of the planning approval - however, no building regulation application or insepections are on record. We are now in trouble because our solicitor had arranged an indemnity policy to cover the lack of building regs which was accepted but has now been withdrawn as our intention to convert to full residential use was picked up by the insurers. We have contacted the council by phone to check whether any other records existed in relation to the property under differnet names other than its street number address and to ask what our options are.

Having read the other posts i am now worried that we have allerted the council to unapproved works at the property and have scuppered any chance of getting another insurance company to cover the property. We are buying with cash because of the unusal commercial/residential split but need the building regs because we want to remortgage when we obtain change of use to full residential to pay for the conversion works. we won't have the cash if the council insists on remedial works before this.

But as we intend to obtain bulding regs approval on the final conversion and the original work was done so long ago - are we likely to have difficulties in getting a new indemnity policy or mortgage now?
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