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Buying Property Abroad Thnking of buying a house in Spain or somewhere else abroad? Post about your questions, answers, and experiences here.

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Old 06-10-2011, 01:33 PM
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Default Edgebridge Law Firm Egypt

I have been a victim of property scams in Hurghada Egypt. I had a Lawyer called Zeiad Yehia from Edgebridge Law Firm helping me. Impossible to contact, ignores emails. Last year I flew to Hurghada where a lawyer Zeiad Yehia sourced proceeded to sign the building in his own name via POA behind our backs. After a year of stress and being ignored Zeiad Yehia partner Ezzat said he sorted it out. I originally became concerned when Zeiad Yehia's partner Ezzat began to ask for money through facebook. When I questioned this I received threats of violence from him through facebook. I paid £980 for connection of electricity and water to Ezzat but have been told this is extremely excessive. The whole story can be read at "money saving expert"

I have received the contracts for one apartment from Zeiad Yehia, Edgebridge Law Firm. I was told I will receive the contracts for the other apartment in July. The apartments are unfinished. We had a no win no fee agreement but Zeiad waved all fees considering the trouble I have had. Unfortunately the contracts do not cover any part of the terms and conditions of finishing the Communal areas, Hall stairs and landings. I have contacted numerous agents and developers in Hurghada. Without any Due Diligence, terms and conditions, over the stairs and landing, I stand no chance of selling the apartments.

I have asked the questions to Zeiad Yehia and Edgebridge Law Firm; why was I not told about these problems upon signing the contracts? Is it reasonable for any Lawyer to be aware of these simple terms that would normally be a matter of routine in any contract? I specifically asked for this to be taken into account in the contract as I envisaged these problems. I have detailed my complaints in a long reply to Edgebridge Law Firm. Still no reply? Edgebridge Law Firm and Zeiad Yehia are refusing to communicate and they have a signed verified contract for an apartment in my name. I am now left alone again to wonder.
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Old 06-10-2011, 01:38 PM
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Default Re: Edgebridge Law Firm Egypt

Just an update. It has been eight weeks now and not a word from Zeiad Yehia or Edgebridge Law Firm. It is so fustrating. He is supposed to be a professional lawyer yet Zeiad Yehia and Edgebridge Law Firm still do not respond to any communications. They have a verified contract for an apartment of mine that I paid £980 towards Electricity and Water to Ezzat El Sayem of Edgebbridge Law Firm. Ezzat has sent me personal threatening emails of violence. I was assured by Zeiad Yehia of Edgebridge Law Firm that he no longer works for them yet he still features on Edgebridge Law Firms web site. So Zeiad Yehia and Edgebridge Law Firm have a contract of mine yet I have no communiaction and no way to find out what is going on. They know I do not have the funds for another Lawyer (I have had 4 in Hurghada already)! If anyone knows Zeiad Yehia or Edgebridge Law Firm can they have a professional word on my behalf?
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Old 10-10-2011, 03:49 PM
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Default Re: Edgebridge Law Firm Egypt

I've same experience with my father when we hire law firm from Egypt,
my suggestion is hire new law firm but outside from Egypt who have experience work at Egypt country. or another law, I'm sorry to hear about your problems.
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Old 21-08-2014, 09:11 PM
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Default Re: Edgebridge Law Firm Egypt

Zeiad Yehia is a thief and a conman. I employed him a year ago as my lawyer as I was the victim of fraud. Zeiad Yehia demaned £1150 from me then promptley disappeared. He NEVER returned any calls and he did NO work for me at all. I have since discovered he has been DISBARRED by the law society due to his criminal activities yet he is still touting himself as a lawyer. This man is nothing more than a THIEF: please do not employ him and please do not give him any money.
He is also well known in Sharm for being a pervert and a deviant. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
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