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Old 28-02-2016, 02:19 PM
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Default No response from agent?

We recently viewed a property in London and expressed interest and submitted an offer a few thousand below the asking price. The agent did not acknowledge that email by reply but confirmed in telephone and face to face conversations that they had received it and it would be passed to the vendor.

We received no further communication from the agent for a week, we had to instigate every interaction with them even going to their offices to follow up the offer and were told that the vendor was taking their time making up their mind and that they would let us know when there was anything to tell.

Today the property has been marked as "Sold STC" on their web site! We were never consulted on our offer or given any opportunity to improve it. We are cash buyers with no chain so we find it hard to understand why we weren't given any opportunity to fairly bid on this property.

Is this common practise for agents to just decide they're not interested in a potential buyer and cut them out of the loop by simply not corresponding? By not communicating they can't be accused of misleading or giving wrongful information since they didn't give any information! They didn't even respond to questions about the lease and management charges etc. We don't even know if they submitted our offer to the vendor.

Does the process of negotiation not happen in London anymore simply because there are so many potential buyers? The last time I bought a house the process was that you submitted an offer and if it wasn't acceptable then you were told so and given the opportunity to improve on it. That doesn't seem to happen now. If your initial offer doesn't meet requirements you're just dropped with no indication of why and no chance of a second offer.

Advice from anyone with more experience of the London property market would be appreciated.
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Old 04-03-2016, 06:56 AM
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Default Re: No response from agent?

When it comes to selecting the most professional agency for property management in London ,Scotland and Edinburgh your first choice should undoubtedly be Umega Lettings. We have been offering our services over a decade now and have a long list of satisfied clients.
Lettings Agents Edinburgh - Property Management Services
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Old 30-03-2017, 08:30 AM
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Default Re: No response from agent?

Are you looking for buying, selling or renting your commercial or residential properties in Preston? Kingswood Properties is the best choice for you. Kingswood Properties offer bespoke services as per your requirements. You can call them at 01772 71 71 81 to know more.
Kingswood Properties-Estate and Letting Agents in Preston
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