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Old 29-01-2011, 11:52 AM
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Default Problems Viewing a House with Tenants in it

We recently viewed a house and had an offer accepted on it. However, the house is rented to young Eastern European couple and their little boy at the moment and a few problems seem to be cropping up.

The first time we viewed we met the agent there and when he knocked on the door they claimed not to have any idea that there was to be a viewing or that the house was on the market (even though there was a for sale sign outside and the landlord had told the agent that he had informed them). Ok I thought, maybe there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line. They let us in anyway and we looked around, put in an offer and had it accepted.

However, now we want to have a second viewing to do some measuring and double check over a few things and the agent has been trying to call the tenants yet they are not picking up the phone or answering any of the numerous messages that the agent is leaving. This now seems a bit suspicious when looking at it in line with the last viewing when they claimed no one had contacted them about the viewing or being on the market when they apparently had.

I'm not so worried about us having a second viewing at the moment but I am worried that trying to get a surveyer round there is going to be a nightmare if they keep ignoring calls and I'm also worried that when the seller serves them 8 weeks notice to get out then they will claim that they haven't received that or heard anything about that either! When we viewed the first time the agent did say that the property had been under offer for ages before and the buyer pulled out, I am now also worried this was because the tenants were being a pain and not letting the sale progress.

Any advice? I really love this house and don't want to lose it!
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Old 29-01-2011, 01:10 PM
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Default Re: Problems Viewing a House with Tenants in it

Much as you say you love the house & don't want to lose it, I think you're getting into a minefield!!

Bearing in mind what's happened with a previous buyer, I think the owner (landlord) is going to have to get the tenants out before it can be sold.

It's pretty obvious that they are lying about not knowing it's being sold and can cause all sorts of problems not least, as you say, not letting a mortgage valuer/surveyor in. I don't know but it could be though that if they refuse entry, the owner has the right to let the valuer in without the tenants permission.

Personally, I wouldn't take the risk of exchanging contracts on it unless I knew for sure that they'd gone and the locks had been changed otherwise you could end up with squatters!!!!
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Old 16-02-2011, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: Problems Viewing a House with Tenants in it

The problems lies with the owner to get the tenants out of the house, if he really wants to sell he'll definitely make a plan. The sad part is that this can relay drag on for long but just keep on being persistent in kicking those people out!
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Old 16-02-2011, 09:57 PM
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Default Re: Problems Viewing a House with Tenants in it

Basic rule of thumb: don't buy a home for yourself that already has existing tenants!
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