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Old 18-10-2017, 09:55 AM
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Unhappy Really sad complicated situation, can someone please take the time to read and advice

First of all, sorry for this long question/s. This is a complicated situation.

I am 25 and have no idea about the housing industry.
So my great uncle promised my dad in 2009 before he passed away that he would ďlook afterĒ his 2 girls. Myself and my sister.
As we have known for a good few years now, my sister and are in his will. He owns a farm with land and is worth 1.2 million all together. My dad has 1 brother. This Farm was going to my dad and his brother but since my dad died itís his brother and me and my sister.
We have seen the will it says _____ 50% and nyself 25% and my sister also 25% part ownership of the whole property.
However, over the last year Iíd say, my great uncle had become severely ill with dementia. He remembers us but when we speak about the will he has no idea and it causes him stress since he canít remember but the will was last wrote 2 years ago when he wasnít ill.

Also on this will was an extra peace of paper saying a tenancy agreement to this boy whoís been my friend since we were kids. I use to take him up the Farm when we were kids to play around on the quads etc. (but now he avoids me and doesnít talk to me since this tenancy agreement went into place) himself and my uncle whoís joint ownership of the farm with us have all turned weird against us and there are so many lies flying around I donít know what to think anymore.

This tenancy agreement with my ex friend says heís to rent out ONLY the fields for 5 years. But for FREE!!! My great uncle sees him as his son since heís been working on that Farm since we were kids. And my great uncle is also very old (almost 90) and thinks everyone in the world is all nice and kind. The tenancy went into place in 2015 and ends March 2020.

But the thing is nobody knows we have seen the will (Iím not sure if itís the will but itís a copy of papers that states all this). All of them had seen the will and hid things from myself and my sis so we searched the farm when everyone was out and found all this. Also my uncles kids (4 of them) my cousins, have also turned weird against us even though we havenít done anything wrong. Donít speak to us anymore, donít reply back to our messages even though we all use to be so close.

So we reckon my uncle and my ex friend whoís got the tenancy agreement are up to something. They are building new sheds and growing crops on fields etc.
We have tried to bring the subject up to my uncle but he changes the subject & lies to us. Everyone is keeping me and my sister in the dark about it all. So my questions are these:

Since they have all turned against us, could my sister and me sell the whole Farm with the land too? Since my ex friend is renting out the land for 5 years? I know my great uncle may still be alive then and may re new the tenancy for anothe 5 years, but imagine he dies, could we sell the land even though this boy is renting it?

Could we sell the house if my uncle who owns it too doesnít want to? If not what are our other options?

If my uncle tries for my great uncle to change the will to try and get rid of my sister and I out of it, is there anything we can do to prove that my uncle has bad dementia and isnít in the right state of mind to

Any other info would be really helpful! Thanks!

The whole situation is stressing me & makes me feel angry but also sadness at the same time since our dadís side of the family doesnít talk to us and when they have no choice because we all happen to visit our great uncle on the same day at the Farm, they just talk to us nicely even though they hate us and lie. If I knew a farmland inheritance/money would turn my family against me I wish I was never in this will.
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