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20 June 2007

Gardens improve house prices

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by Kay Mitchell

Gardens improve house prices

Recent studies show that those of us lucky enough to have extra land could add up to 15% to their property by having a beautifully kept garden. The popular fashion accessory for this year is a large landscaped garden.

In spite of Britain’s record for rain, a garden with a swimming pool could add around 12% to quality homes. Britons love affairs with the outdoors go beyond realistic measures with the desire for home security and where to park the 3 cars. The advantage of private road access is a must-have and tennis courts could add an extra 10% to luxury properties – especially with Wimbledon looming.

With the English summer in full swing, many are spending a lot of time outside in their backyards and the study shows that outdoor space is becoming crucial for enhancing the value of a property.

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