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December 12, 2007

Spain tops happiness poll amongst ex-pats

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by Gill Montia

Spain tops happiness poll amongst ex-pats

UKForex, the online foreign exchange provider, has published the results of a survey that shows almost 80% of adults who have emigrated from the UK are happy with their new life overseas.

This compares with 51.8% of respondents who were satisfied with their earlier life in the UK.

In its Happiness Index, UKForex names Australia as the most popular destination for emigrants, with 39% of respondents making a move to the country. Other favoured destinations include the USA, Canada, Spain and New Zealand.

However, Spain proved to be the destination with the best outcomes, with 91% of respondents saying they were happy or very happy with their lives post emigration.

Emigrants to New Zealand followed closely in the happiness stakes with 88% enjoying with their new life, while for Canada and Australian the figures are 86.4% and 84.2% respectively.

Respondents living in France and the US were less happy, with 18.6% and 13.8% respectively disappointed with the move.

For those already relocated, the main reason given for moving was to gain a better quality of life (35%).

Others were looking for a new experience or adventure (12%) and a new job or relocation (9%).

Chris Humphrey, general manager at UKForex, believes that the number of people emigrating from the UK is likely to continue to rise.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of UK citizens opting to move abroad permanently increased to a record 207,000 in 2006.

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