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7 October 2010

Landlord Action tackles eviction delays

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by Gill Montia

Landlord Action tackles eviction delays

Landlord Action has launched a campaign to speed up court cases where there is a clear case of a tenant refusing to pay their rent and/or anti-social behaviour.

The eviction specialist claims that under the current system the process can take up to six months, resulting in landlords with mortgages losing their properties and decent tenants being denied accommodation.

The firm points out that squatters can be evicted through a faster process, and suggests landlords need a similar procedure when cases of non-payment of rent and anti-social behaviour are clear cut, or where the property is the landlord’s primary residence.

According to the company, courts currently provide a hearing date within six weeks of application but many are too busy to comply and with the Government looking at closing some courts, the situation could worsen.

Landlord Action is therefore calling for a “simple and quick” system for clear-cut cases and has persuaded Mike Weatherly, MP, to raise questions in parliament.

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