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20 November 2007

Tenants urged to check tenancy agreement

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by Kay Mitchell

Tenants urged to check tenancy agreement

James Molloy, head of AA Legal Services is urging people who live in rented accommodation to get a written tenancy agreement before they move in. Landlords are required by law to ensure tenancy agreements are signed. Furthermore, items such as utility meter readings should be carried out before accepting the keys to your rented home.

It appears that tenants are more interested in the size of bedrooms and other relatively minor issues.

Mr Molloy added that 70% of tenants are failing to check inventory and by not doing so are putting themselves and their home at risk. Furthermore, half of tenants do not acquire a tenancy agreement prior to moving.

Rental payments should be clearly documented as well as being aware of the notice period on their rental property. Furthermore, gas, electric and meter readings should be checked prior to moving in.

Mr Molloy concluded that their results have established how badly people protect themselves when moving into rented accommodation.

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